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Into the new year , the situation has not improved , LVMH Group canceled plans to open the Louis Vuitton store in Tokyo , and its other luxury brands DONNA KARAN did not shoot the newly installed advertising, direct chip instead of using the T station . 2014 New goose parka expedition Business and legal professionals believe that Chinese enterprises can not only meet in the " OEM" , mergers and acquisitions of foreign companies are learning technology , market share shortcuts.Experts suggest that Chinese garment enterprises should be to improve product quality as the core , expanding the brand, while developing scientific marketing strategies , integration of industry resources, accelerate the pace of opening the Russian apparel market .

" Shuoyibuer , our staff have added to their respectful ; Management harsh , even somewhat rigid in some peoples eyes .In the supermarket , although in recent years by the emergence of several mergers and acquisitions of local large retail groups, but whether it is the chain size and market concentration can not be compared with the large foreign retail enterprises . Later, the two have participated in Shanghai s domestic sports week .Since then, the specialized distribution of brand -season merchandise, goods shelf , breaking yards as well as export of goods "rejection list" of goods store called OUTLETS.

canada goose expedition parka Chinese domestic consumption of luxury goods is less than one percent over the same period abroadSo, this trend is a reflection of what the crux of the retail industry and the problems it ? Development Division, Ministry of Commerce, welcomed the circulation to that, in the explosive growth of online shopping impact traditional retail business model behind the low level of organization , innovation capacity and weak aspects of the problem become more prominent." Seeks to build its plant faster seek their new equipment , and strive to start their feet, and strive to expand its multi " four cardinal principles Zongjing This is a classic example.

Secondly , look at the overall future macroeconomic trends expected that in 2014 ~ 2017, this time , the international economic situation is up or down , if the upward bound to stimulate the Olympic corporate sponsors to snatch market determination.The next year, Louis Vuitton Palace Hotel is also Chinas first store opened , the main leather .Xuyue Juan said that it is to participate in one of the largest buyers exchange gains .But Hu Yuanjiang that because the companys strategic focus has been established in the retail channel , hopes to establish a strategic advantage in this area , not to mention direct channel originally not good enough . Where too buy Western luxury winterJune until the middle of London has entered the discount season , a month earlier than usual .He seems to do business can not be separated in competition, and the process is not afraid not afraid of a problem , but to determine their own position in the competition.

Where too buy In essence , the " brand" is behind a broad -minded , or a visionary ; but "fight card" is behind the instant success , and even short-sighted .This transformation does not seem to be neglected despite the Avon direct sales channels , but increased investment in retail channels , direct sales channels will inevitably impact ., Jiangsu Senda 9 suits Joe Garments enterprises Ltd.Wang Jianlin is a very "harsh" managers, " go faster " is his goal.20 years ago, Japan was the first one to be considered a luxury brand market .